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"Given the Right Environment the Body Can Heal Anything"

Let The Journey Unfold

'Love Your Soul' (LYS)  began as a journey to recovery. Soon after, evolving into a deep desire to share the wisdom of what I researched and the beautiful passionate people I have met along the way with others searching for answers and a better, cleaner way of life. 

Finding Holistic Products and most importantly well documented information that is true to its word is hard work and often very misleading. With so much contradiction and misinformation all over the internet it can become overwhelming and frustrating to say the least. And often even quite scary.
LYS is designed to become a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, watch this space as the website evolves and grows through connection with the community and of course, research.

We will not only be providing access to excellent well researched information, but also to a range of products 100% true to their labels with no toxic binders and fillers. The ranges of products and supplements we expose you to are true organ / skin food assisting in deep cellular health. They are truly holistic, ethical and made with integrity to assist you in your journey to health and happiness. Plant a seed of desire and wellness will follow.

LYS's range of Anti Disease Protocols and Introduction Detoxes are life changing and in some cases life saving. Some of these programmes can be purchased online here, or for more serious/ acute health concerns you can book in for consultation with me and have 100% care and support taken, along with a personally tailored protocol to suit your individual needs.

Simply contact us through the 'Contact Us' page. Warmest Regards Petra- Bodymindspirit :) x

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In life the certainty comes through experience. Much of our knowledge will come from suffering, feeling and breathing through it in a way that suits us individually.

Always listening to that inner voice helping us stay safe. Listen to your gut, for the inner knowing rises from the pit in our tummy before entering our minds and exiting our mouths. 

After all, we are all energy, intuition is strong if we allow it to...

The Lotus Rises.. Beautiful... From the Muddiest Water.

The Lotus Rises.. Beautiful... From the Muddiest Water.

  • Petals
  • 05 April
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Healing asthma and chest concerns.

Healing asthma and chest concerns.

  • Petals
  • 03 April
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The essence of 'LYS' is to bring people together, to share our experiences, our knowledge, our love and passion for life most importantly. We must support each other as it seems it is lost in this world. Our ultimate goal is to bring people together on one platform and encourage each other to make conscious choices that are life changing and life sustaining. 

There is no wealth like knowledge, and no poverty like ignorance.


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